JR史密斯领衔季后赛有效命中率榜单 (仅限出手位置10英呎以上、防守者距离为4呎以内的投篮)

There was a time when 90% of this forum wanted Shumpert to start over JR, oh how the times have changed. Griffin picking up Smith in that deal with New York is probably the best move he has made here.



JR is such a valuable guy on this team. When our offense bogs down, when we have a little too much ISO or Lebron is sitting and they are blanketing Kyrie and no one can get a shot, he just pops in there with the magic 3-pointer. And he has become a real two way player too, not a great defender but a quite solid one, and we DESPARATELY need two way players on this team.



I was trying to think of who the most dangerous three ball shooters. Is there anyone else in the league who is as deadly as JR? I mean, seriously, I'd have to put him solidly in the #2 spot behind Curry. Klay and Kyrie are up there too, but JR... woooowee when he gets hot, look out!

我试着思考谁才是联盟最危险的三分射手 。这联盟还有像JR那样一击毙命的投手吗?我会将JR仅排在库里后面。另外克莱-汤普森和欧文也是这类型的,但如果是JR的话,当他手感热起来时可要当心了!
Curry is more deadly, and so is Klay.

Klay had a 37 point quarter with 9 three-pointers. That's damn hot.

JR will come in and make some tough shots, but man Curry and Klay are lethal.




Really an entirely different kind of fruit. Both Curry and Klay require reasonable usage. JR Smith doesn't need to get the ball much. Doesn't even need to be open. In fact, it seems he'd prefer he were contested. He's really one-of-a-kind imo.


When you look at the 3 point leaders this season...

1. Stephen Curry ▪ GSW ▪ 402 - 30.1 PPG

2. Klay Thompson ▪ GSW ▪ 276 - 22.1 PPG

3. James Harden ▪ HOU ▪ 236 - 29.0 PPG

4. Damian Lillard ▪ POR ▪ 229 - 25.1 PPG

5. Kyle Lowry ▪ TOR ▪ 212 - 21.2 PPG

6. Paul George ▪ IND ▪ 210 - 23.1 PPG

7. J.R. Smith ▪ CLE ▪ 204 - 12.4 PPG

All six guys ahead of JR in makes are either the #1 or #2 scoring option on their respective teams, so it stands to reason their usage rates contribute to their number of makes. JR doesn't have that luxury. Guys like Harden and Lowry and George are good shooters, but do you FEAR them suddenly getting scorching hot from 3?

One thing is not like the others on that chart.


1. 斯蒂芬-库里.勇士. 402球.场均30.1分

2. 克莱-汤普森.勇士. 276球.场均22.1分

3. 詹姆斯-哈登.火箭. 236球.场均29.0分

4. 达米安-利拉德.开拓者. 229球.场均25.1分

5. 凯尔-洛瑞.猛龙. 212球.场均21.2分

6. 保罗-乔治.步行者. 210球.场均23.1分

7. J.R.史密斯.骑士. 204球.场均12.4分



Where to rank JR among the remaining SGs left?

In the East he's below Wade and Derozan and out West below Thompson but I think he favors comparably to guys like Green and Ginobili.

Two big issues is his production is inconsistent: when he's on he's as good as any of these guys but then he'll disappear some games. On top of that he's vulnerable on defense to guys who can bully him. He's got decent size and is a good athlete even in NBA terms but I don't think he's that strong compared to his peers




CJ is also probably better, or at least has a more diverse game. Korver is quite similar. But it doesn't really matter the way the Cavs are constructed. All the guys who could be seen as being better are first or second options, JR is no. 4. He's kinda turned into the ultimate 3&D player. And he's a hell of a safety valve on offense, can be absolutely demoralizing.


I've changed my Cavs X-Factor from Delly to JR. Not only has he been having an out-of-body offensive Playoffs so far but his defense is proving that he can lock out knock-down shooters throughout 48 minutes.

Obviously this kind of performance likely isn't sustainable - but if by some magical luck of the draw, JR can deliver this kind of performance 4/7 times in the NBA Finals...





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